Demand for the digital automobile entertainment console is skyrocketing with record sales from Apple “Carplay” to Google’s “Android Auto”.  Red State Talk Radio is at the forefront of digital radio with our mobile apps, partnerships with platforms like Roku, and affiliate partnerships with radio stations across the country.

“The era of the basic AM/FM/CD radio is essentially dead,” says Harman Infotainment Division president Sachin Lawande. “It’s not that radio is dead, mind you, but the basic dashboard receiver that’s been a fixture in new cars for decades is on life support.  By 2019, 191.6 million people will be listening to digital radio on a regular basis.”


#1 Red State Talk Radio has partnered with 3DXGlobal to offer effective and affordable radio advertising that can help you grow your business.

With award winning digital content and a growing list of terrestrial affiliate partners, Red State Talk Radio offers a unique opportunity to reach an engaged audience of over 1-Million conservative listeners with high purchasing power for as low as $3/minute.

Through our partnership with 3DXGlobal we are able to offer free internet banner ads on the Red State Talk Radio website and website partners using state of the art Ad Server technology that can provide you with detailed analysis of your ad impressions and click-throughs.

This special offer will include FREE radio and website ad development with minimum purchase.

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All Radio Stations are not alike. Choose the best. Choose Red State Talk Radio! has rated Red State Talk Radio the #1 Radio Station in America 5 Years and running.
2015 surpassed 2014 and 2016 is projected to be our best year ever!

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